Dr. Pimple Popper says this was the grossest thing to happen to her

LAS VEGAS – She came, she saw, she popped. And now Dr. Pimple Popper is becoming a cyst-sized mogul.

That’s because Sandra Lee, better known as her online persona, is the biggest skincare star on the Internet, having raked in over 2.6 billion views on YouTube for her pimple popping videos. Her viral videos, which many claim are “calming” and “soothing,” (“they put me right to bed at night,” says a friend to me), has led her to a new show on TLC, a book, an upcoming pimple-popping board game and her new skincare line, SLMD Skincare.

“It’s been beyond what I could have ever imagined,” she tells us at CosmoProf, Las Vegas, the biggest beauty trade show in all of North America. We’re sitting inside her booth for SLMD Skincare, where there are plush pillows on a comfortable couch. The doctor – her perfectly highlighted hair, skin incredibly taut and body petite – is affable, warm, peppy. It’s no wonder the doctor, who has her own practice in Upland, CA, has become a sensation. She’s affable, provides sound education, and does so in a way that’s easy to understand.

“I’ve tricked people in a positive way into understanding things a little more,” she tells Very Good Light. “I want people to know what’s the difference between a pustule, a cyst, blackhead and people get to know a little more about what they can use.” This, in turn, she says, creates more confidence within people who can treat their own skin problems on their own.


“One of my staff says [the popped cyst] smells like Progressive Soup when it comes back spoiled.”

It’s also why she got into creating her own skincare line, SLMD Skincare. “When I started the YouTube channel it wasn’t about getting a TV show,” she explains. “It was about a skincare line. With it, we’re trying to find answers for people don’t have access to doctors. I want to use my influence to help people take control of their lives. They’re going online and reading they need to smear something like snail slime on their skin. With this line, we’re making people become more empowered with what products work for them.”

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