Make Sure You’re Not Eating While You Watch This Epically Gross Ear-Pimple Extraction Video

A Chinese spa is at it again with another insane inner ear extraction video. Last month, this same spa had pimple-popping fans going wild for their lengthy video of a network of blackheads being removed from the inner ear, and now they’re sharing an equally disgusting video of a pimple extraction.

While it’s hard to get a look at the ear’s original pimple, the video shows plenty of yellow gunk coming out of it, so one can imagine how bad it was to begin with. Once the extraction is complete, the tweezers are brought close to the camera, so you can see the full extent, and it’s definitely gross. The video ends after the camera zooms into the ear, so the viewer can see the gaping hole where the pimple had been.

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Naturally the video was loved on the Popping Subreddit, where a Redditor posted it and asked the group, “how does this even happen??”

User polkadotteacups quickly answered with, “I don’t know how it happens but I am so glad it does.” And another Redditor, pcurve, familiar with this Chinese doctor’s other work simply commented, “This doctor… knows how to please his/her crowd.”

Viewers on YouTube were equally impressed with the video, with many commenters there praising the account for their great content.

“As always very satisfying. Calming. The only bad thing about your videos is WE WANT MORE,” YouTuber Tina Bates commented. “Great job getting it almost whole.” Another applauded the skills of the extractor. “Enviable patience, excellent technique and loving manner,” user PQRTQS wrote. “Well done!”

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