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What should I eat to improve my health and skin?

What should I eat to improve my health and skin?

It is necessary to consume all nutrients in adequate quantity for good health. Having balanced/square meals will always be helpful. Working out is equally important. A clean digestive system and a clean circulatory system are important for good health and skin. Foods which will cleanse your digestion will be beneficial.

Green leafy veggies have a good amount of fibre and chlorophyll in them. They will help to increase your haemoglobin. (As the molecular structures of cholorphyll and haemoglobin are very similar.) Increased haemoglobin counts will not only improve your skin but also purify the blood making you feel more energetic / enthusiatic. Eat fried and spicy/hot foods in moderation. Focus on fibre rich food. Eating papaya fruit is believed to be very good for the skin.

Today’s situation on food adulteration, fast lifestyle, convenience foods, in-organic farming is very bad. There is a simple alternative. Eat right, at the right time. Take adequate sleep/rest at the correc time. Workout consistently. And, consume wheat grass powder mixed with water.

Wheat grass in powder form is easier to obtain, store, transport & consume. It has: (1)Longer shelf life. (2)Better concentration of nutrition. (3)Soluble fibres that control sugar & cholesterol levels, and helps prevent stone formation in gall bladder. (4)Insoluble fibres that aid better digestion, & keep food moving in the intestine. This eliminates constipation & the spread of poisonous elements.

Wheat grass provides Vitamins A, B, C, E, & K; Proteins; Amino Acids; Minerals; Zinc; Digestive Enzymes; Nutritive Elements; Anti-acidic properties; Elements of Chlorophyll (an effective germicide, antiseptic, & detoxifier); Anti-carcinogenic elements which kill bad cancer cells & revives the good cells.

Commence the intake of wheat grass powder only after consulting an expert and after checking the Organic Certification of the product.

Improve your healthy skin with Wheat Grass Powder and live a healthier life; beginning today!!

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skin therapy

Skin Therapy

Care for skin after radiation?

  • Dealing with your skin amid and after radiation treatment is critical. Skin changes can be one of the essential reactions of radiation treatment. While the objective of radiation is to focus on the growth cells of a tumor, the solid cells in and around the region can likewise be influenced.
  • Skin changes that can happen amid or not long after radiation treatment include:
  • Skin changes because of radiation can vary contingent upon the area where the radiation is given. For instance, individuals who have radiation because of head and neck tumor may have changes in the region of the mouth and neck (dry mouth and sore throat).
  • Most symptoms from radiation treatment are constrained to the range being dealt with and leave inside weeks after the treatment is done. In any case, a few people may encounter long haul skin changes in the region that was dealt with, including scar tissue development (fibrosis), long haul male pattern baldness and skin staining.

What impacts skin health?

Many women use cosmetics. Most of these skin products are used on their face. As a matter of fact, it is known to directly influence their level of confidence. Women of different age groups use different cosmetic products in order to highlight and conceal different facial features. Well definitely, makeup helps enhance your appearance, but do you know about the negative impacts it has on your skin?

Cosmetics possess various chemicals that can cause multiple reactions affecting your skin. The usage of makeup can have both mild and harsh adverse effects on your skin health and the use of cosmetics on your face can cause these conditions.


Certain cosmetics can trigger allergic reactions on the skin, in the form of inflammations, scaling, and itchy red patches and so on.


Some cosmetic companies use dangerous chemicals in their skin products, which may lead to cancer in the user.


Prolonged use of these chemicals definitely affects the skin, wrinkles and other signs of ageing emerge, making the user seem older.

  • ACNE

The use of some cosmetics, clog pores and hair follicles, which lead to aggravation or even an increase in acne.


Sme cosmetics dehydrates the skin and causes it to be flaky and dull.For most women using cosmetics is inevitable. Even though warnings and awareness is raised, most women continue using cosmetics. Hence, it is good to follow a daily regime to maintain the health of your skin, whilst you still continue to use cosmetics. Ensure you follow these steps at the end of every day.


The most important thing is to remove makeup as soon as the purpose is served. It is best advised to never go to bed with makeup on. Use water-based makeup removers, gently and thoroughly clean your face and always remember to never be harsh while taking the makeup off.


After removing makeup ensure you further clean your skin with a mild cleanser that suits your skin type.


A toner is essential in bringing back the natural pH level of your face and closing up the pores opened while cleansing.


This is the most important part of your regimen. Choose an oil free moisturizer or face oils. Let it nourish and heal your skin.

You have to take care of your skin by in taking of more nutrient food and use the creams which suits your face or you can take an advice from online dermatologist.

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