Best Mens Skin Care Guide Secrets

The best way to get a mens skin care is to provide your skin with the only thing that doesn’t make it dry: oils. The oil-cleansing method really make a difference in a short amount of time. Your face produces oils and the dirt over the course of a day is oil-based. What dissolves/cleans oil better than alcohol? Oil.

Try this in your kitchen to see why oil is the best cleanser for your naturally oil face – if you have a fresh grease spot, take some vegetable oil and rub it on the grease. It comes off easily! And there’s no mess afterward, everything comes off. This is what oil cleansing does too. It actually cleans your face and when you are done, your skin is moisturized and doesn’t feel dry or tight at all.

If you have oily skin and worried this will make it more oily, don’t worry. Your skin produces more oil when that moisturizing barrier is stripped. The more you cleanse with oil, the less oil your skin produces because you are keeping it moisturized.

If you wash your face with water, dry it, and your skin feels tight and dry, that is a major issue.Your cleanser may to blame because it’s damaging your skin and you should stop using it. Why? A cleanser should clean your face but not at the expense of stripping your skins moisturizing barrier, which makes your skin feel dry and tight. And for men, the b oils help to moisturize facial hair and keep bears soft and shiny.

How to cleanse your face with oil:

  1. Rub the oil mix on dry skin (no pun intended), you don’t need to wet your face beforehand.
  2. Rub in circles around your cheek, nose, forehead, chin, jaw, the top of your neck. Get that oil rubbed and worked in.
  3. Turn your sinks faucet on to the highest temp water you think you can handle. Be very careful! You don’t need to end up in the emergency room for third degree burns now, just hot enough that you can tolerate splashing the water on your face.
  4. Continue splashing hot water on your face, wiping off some oil with your hand to gradually clean the oil off. DO NOT USE SOAP.
  5. Finally, wipe off the oil with a towel.
  6. Yes, that’s it!
  7. No, you will NOT get acne. Oils such as castor, avocado, almond, etc are generally not supposed to cause acne. Please test it on a small spot on your skin before trying this to make sure your skin does not have a reaction.

The key to maintaining healthy, youthful skin is nothing but regularity. The following essentials make for remarkable daily tips to keep skin woes at bay, and ensure that your skin always looks healthy and young:

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Invest in a good moisturizer.

Dryness in the skin accentuates ageing and fine lines. A good moisturizer post cleansing your face with a mild cleanser penetrates below the skin surface, keeps dryness at bay and leaves your skin supple and soft.

Keep away from the sun.

Nothing promotes age spots and wrinkles like over exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. To keep your skin looking young and healthy, make it a habit to dab a layer of sunscreen on your face, neck and arms before you step out.

Pay special attention to grooming.

Use good quality razors that are super-sharp so that there’s no likelihood of any in growth, and the shaving doesn’t leave any cuts and burns. If, on the other hand, you like to keep a beard, trim it regularly so as to keep the look neat and clean. Nourish it with beard oils containing Vitamin C & E to maintain a healthy, youthful look.