Is it worth it to donate blood for money?

In the US, it is illegal to be paid to give blood for transfusion. Of course, you will get cookies and juice, not so much as a gift than to provide you with a little sugar to help prevent you from passing out, although a unit of blood is roughly a tenth of your blood volume, and your circulatory system can rapidly adjust to maintain your blood pressure. You can donate whole blood every eight weeks.

Is it worth it to donate blood for money

When you sell your blood for money, you are actually giving plasma, the liquid part of blood. The procedure is as follows:

· A unit of blood will be drawn.

· The unit is centrifuged, and the plasma is taken off.

· The red cells are returned to you.

· The process is repeated a second time.

This procedure can be repeated three times a week. The plasma is processed for the production of reagents for use in blood banks. It is NOT transfused.

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The reason for the discrepancy is that plasma is mostly liquid with various other substances, and the body can replace these quickly. On the other hand, new red blood cells don’t even begin to be released from your bone marrow for 5-7 days after an acute blood loss, and much longer for the entire unit to be replaced.

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