Why medical scientists can’t find any cure for cancer or HIV?

There has also been amazing work against HIV, such as the development of anti-retrovirals to dramatically reduce the number of the virus in a patient. It was a death sentence a few decades ago, now being HIV positive means that you’ll live for many decades.


They are doing a number of investigations to better understand how the virus infects, how the virus dodges the bodys immune system, how the virus takes over the body cell machinery, what part of the virus replicating n cycle would be best targeted demobilising the infection.

Cures for disease start and come from the research laboratories. You don’t find most medical students there. But you do find some medical students there. They’re called physician-scientists and they’re in a special class called the MD/PhD program. These individuals are on this special program where they obtain both their MD and PhD degree simultaneously. They are learning to be doctors and scientists at the same time. The program takes about 7 years. Through my years at the school of medicine I knew a number of these individuals. They’re very dedicated and extremely hard working. I believe it will be these individuals, together with their PhD counterparts in the laboratories, working side by side, who will put together the pieces of the puzzle leading to the discovery of treatments and procedures for cures for a lot of diseases

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They also study infected people with varying disease outcomes to better understand what makes some people progress so quickly and what makes others resist do that processes in those with better outcomes can be mixed.

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