What are deficiency diseases?

Primary deficiency disorders are due to vitamins and can be managed through diet supplementation.

Secondary deficiency disorders occur due to diseases or lifestyle factors.

What are deficiency diseases?

Smokers need to increase the uptake of vitamin C from 30% to 50%.

Lifestyle factors may lead to excessive sun exposure which in turn leads to vitamin D deficiency which in turn affects the calcium absorption needed for healthy bones.

Common causes of vitamin deficiency :

  • Low fat diets reduce the absorption of vitamin E.
  • Alcohol has an impact on folic acid.
  • Medications can also cause vitamin deficiency.
  • Certain antibiotics like isoniazid can cause vitamin B6 deficiency.

Some of the deficiency diseases are:

  1. Scurvy.
  2. Rickets.
  3. Beriberi.
  4. Pellagra.