When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

The great thing about home pregnancy tests is that they are inexpensive, easy to read and easy to perform.

Implantation can take place as early as eight to ten days following fertilization. Asking a woman to wait until she is late for her period, especially a full week late, inflicts unnecessary suffering. Given that the luteal phase of a normal cycle is generally a pretty consistent 14 days, this means that the most sensitive pregnancy tests can be positive as early as six days before you have missed your period!

If you are aware of the proper procedure for performing the test (Read The Manual!) and know the limitations, such as the possibility of a so-called chemical pregnancy, then these highly sensitive tests can be lifesaving. However, if you have difficulty following instructions, then a standard test will be your best bet.

The choice is yours. Just be aware that, even with the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, you may still perform the test too early, and wind up repeating it. But if you are excited about trying to conceive, at least you won’t be waiting until your period is late before testing.

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