What is Oncology

Oncology is a branch of medicine that directly deals with the diagnosis, prevention and cure of cancer disease in a human body. Tumour Surgery or you can call it Oncological surgery, it is done to aim the diagnosis of malignant tumours in the humans by the surgical method. The cost of surgical oncologies is very extensive but has no clearly defined boundaries.

Types of Oncologists

Surgical oncology is practised in different ways. Below we have listed different types of oncologists, Have a look.

  • Radiation Oncologists: Oncologists skilled in diagnosing tumours using radiation therapies are called Radiation Oncologists. High X-Ray radiations are used to kill the cancer cells in the patient body.
  • Hematologist-oncologist: Oncologists skilled in diagnosing cancer like leukaemia, myeloma, blood cancers and lymphoma are known as Hematologist-oncologist.
  • Surgical oncologist: The oncologists trained in removing the tumour and the nearby tissue using the surgical method is known as a Surgical Oncologist.


Immunotherapy (immuno-oncology) drugs, at least today, tend to use antibodies (your body’s own defense system) to attack cancer cells. Cancer cells cannot generally be attacked by your own immune system because they are not recognized as a threat. Cancer cells arise from mutations in genes of existing cells in your body and thus are not viewed as foreign. Immuno-oncology drugs provide detection of cancerous cells and then your body’s system does the rest.

Classic oncology

Classic oncology drugs could classified into either chemotherapy or targeted therapy. Chemotherapy is a combination of different chemicals that all target rapidly dividing cells in different ways. Since cancer cells are all rapidly dividing, chemotherapy will on average, kill many more of the cancer cells than the other cells in your body. This is also why rapidly dividing cells like hair and skin will die as a side effect of chemotherapy.

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