Activities to pass the time while recovering from a concussion

recovering from a concussion.

#1 Personal hygiene

Put every day hygiene practices on your to-do list – achievable goals can help you feel productive.

#2 Do your nails, hair & make-up

(If it’s your thing) treat applying make-up like painting – mix colours create new looks, and practice new application techniques. If you’re not into this type of glam, practice new hairstyles (yes, guys-you tool) This can also be a practice in mindfulness.

#3 Magazines, picture books & comics

Borrow magazines from the library or buy them from garage sales for very little money. They provide entertainment and are a starting point to get back into reading

#4 Arts & crafts

Activities that involve using your hands are great for fighting depression and anxiety. Examples include: painting, doodling, colouring, various crafts projects, ts, beading, jewelry making etc.

#5 Cooking & baking

Start with simple recipes, this is a great brain training exercise!

#6 Sewing, knitting, crocheting & quilting

Again – start simple! These are great brain training activities for: reading comprehension, planning, logical thinking, trouble-shooting and creativity.

#7 Gardening

Gardening has tons of therapeutic benefits, and the Internet is full of useful tips on how to garden in a small space even if you live in an apartment.

#8 Chores

Take your time, take breaks, and slowly work your way through. Accomplishing tasks can make you feel productive, and having a clean and tidy home can make you feel better.

#9 Gentle exercises

Start with stretching and it possible physiotherapy exercises. Whan you’re ready, move on to activities such as lifting light weights while seated. Tai chi, aquafit, walking and barre exercises are also great.

#10 Time with calm & quiet animals

Whether you’re watching horses graze in a field, watching fish swim, walking through a zoo, or petting someone’s pet (e.g. cat, dog, rabbit, hamster), being with animals has many benefits.

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