The Grossest YouTube Videos To Watch When You Need To ‘Relax’

There was a time when YouTube was a platform where you can learn how to curl your hair, do a winged liner, or perfect a flawless foundation look. Now, you can find all sorts of videos on YT—including those for people with “acquired taste.”

Drpimple popper

Enter the dark side of YouTube, where you can find the grossest yet most satisfying videos you can watch during the wee hours of the morning or when you’re just bored. Under this category are pimple popping, earwax cleaning, ear blackhead digging, ingrown toenail treatments, and dead skin lifting. They’re all therapeutic, but not on a dog- or cat-video level, where you get a dose of GVs because of all cuteness. Instead, you’ll feel incredibly grossed out yet satisfied.

Without further ado, here are the NSFW (not safe for the weak!) vids you can find in YouTubeverse.

Ingrown hair removal

The extremely zoomed in cam allows you to see how the ingrown hair was plucked out.

Massive ear blackhead extraction

Watch the spa attendant dig up the biggest ear blackhead that ever existed in the universe using a pair of finely tipped tweezers. Spoiler: It never e

Ingrown toenail and impacted toenail relief and prevention

Painful toenails are sometimes not caused by the nail digging on the side walls. Sometimes, a HUGE ugly piece of dead skin is hiding and causing your tootsies to feel sore.

Removal of deadskin buildup on the big toe using a scalpel

Now if the sight of pulling out a chunk of dead skin underneath the toenail makes you squeamish, wait until you see how the podiatrist carefully removes the buildup using a scalpel. Yes. A fucking blade. There’s no blood though, so yay?

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