Horrifying moment woman gets huge cyst on her collarbone popped

  • WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Irais said her growth began as a zit
  • The mother, living in California, said she had struggled to pay for a doctor  
  • The ‘serious fatty bump’ was drained and she was overwhelmed with joy
  • The gruesome scenes are in the latest episode of the TLC show

huge cyst

Yamileth, from the US, appeared on Dr Pimple Popper with a large itchy cyst on her collarbone, which has prevented her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a backing dancer

Dr Lee began documenting her procedures on social media, and soon gained popularity as millions of viewers found satisfaction in the popping.

This series, on TLC, has shown some of the most extreme cases, with Dr Lee performing on the largest cyst she has ever seen in episode two.

American exotic dancer Yamileth, 22, showed the dermatologist a large itchy bump on her collarbone, ‘the size of an avocado’, which had been there since she was 10.

Yamileth revealed that it had prevented her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a backing dancer and saw her bullied at school.

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She said: ‘It has really affected me and my studies.’

In a shocking clip, Dr Lee sliced into the cyst before it releases a stream of thick, yellow puss.

‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’ exclaims the pimple popper, as it continues to ooze out. ‘It’s like chives.’

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