Dr Pimple Popper gets showered with pus when a man’s head cyst EXPLODES like a ‘fire hose’

Dr pimple popper giant cyst

Dr pimple popper giant cyst

Dr Pimple Popper got what some might call a taste of her own medicine when she was showered in pus from an exploding cyst on the back of a man’s head.

The particularly gruesome mishap occurred while the dermatologist and reality TV star – whose real name is Dr Sandra Lee – was examining seven cysts on a 27-year-old patient’s head.

Brandon, from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, paid a visit to Dr Lee in the hopes that she could remove the growths in time for his wedding to fiancé Heather.

But the good doctor god much more than she bargained for when she gamely started working on draining the cysts and found herself being showered with gruesome yellow liquid that squirted straight into her ponytail.

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