Dr. Pimple Popper — This Massive Cyst Looks Like A Tube Of Cookie Dough Being Squeezed Out

Massive Cyst

Massive cyst

It takes a lot to shock the fans of Dr. Pimple Popper, but this massive cyst is so big that several people are describing it as an event of biblical proportion.

Dr. Sandra Lee shared the video of this person’s back that has 4 large cysts, and she attacks all of them. But, the big filled with so much liquid, it looks like a tube of cookie dough being squeezed when it is finally popped.

Even though it is Tuesday, the good doctor is invoking the Cyber Monday shoppers out there, captioning the video, “I’m hearing about all of these #CyberMonday deals, but are there any Cyst Monday deals out there?!

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Fans of the show are shocked at what actually comes out of this huge cyst, commenting about the chucks you can see when it lets loose. OMG – look at those lumps in there!

A few stunned commenters went full religious on this one, “Holy God in heaven….. how much is in there???!!!” one person wrote.

Another added, “Mother of god it just doesn’t stop.”

The vast amount of substance that pops out of this thing is so big one person even said, “Bet he lost ten pounds!!”

As for the standard food comparison, “looks like your porridge you used to have,” a fan wrote.

We have to agree with this popaholic, “I voiced in my head, “omg yes” while watching this. And now I feel like a weird.



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