Dr Pimple Popper — This One Looks Like The Birth Of A Baby Alien!

During Thanksgiving dinner as a kid, you are told to not play with your food. But, Dr. Pimple Popper can’t help herself as she jiggles and moves this huge cyst before finally pulling it out!

Dr. Sandra Lee takes her time moving and shifting this cyst around, which happens to be located on this person’s arm.

As you can imagine, it takes the slice and dice method to get this baby out. So, the good doctor cuts it down the middle and is able to wiggle it out from hiding.

When the insides of this cyst first see the light of day, it does look like this arm is about to give birth.

“It looks like a babies head,” one fan of the show commented.

“It’s a boy!” another congratulated the good doctor.

As for what the baby looks like, “He just gave birth to an Alien through his arm,” one person wrote.

We have to say…if you have ever watched the top of babies head being birthed this isn’t so far off of that look.

Dr. Pimple Popper set this pop to exercise music while she pushed it back and forth under the skin.

“New workout class alert! It’s called POP fitness! Find your favorite pop and lets put in the work!” she captioned the video.

Many questions were asked about exactly what kind of cyst this thing actually is, “That’s not a lipoma, is it? The color is different. If that’s a cyst that big that’s amazing! Looks like a weird amniotic sac,” one popaholic said.

Here is a good explanation of what it looks like, “like tennis beef ball.”