biggest lipoma

Dr. Pimple Popper — Watch Gigantic ‘Sweet Potato’ Lipoma Get Ripped Out Of This Back!

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to pop the biggest lipoma we have EVER seen, and you will be shocked at what comes bursting out of this guy’s back. Trust us, you want to see this!!

“Everything the pop world touches is yours little lipoma! ☀️ Watch till the very end to get my Lion King reference,” Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video on Instagram.

BTW – somebody does growl in the video, sounds like a lion! As you can imagine, the good doctor has to slice and dice this bad boy open…just wait and see!

This thing is massive, and as you can see, the doctor is forced to grab it by both hands and try to squeeze it out!

Of course, it doesn’t work at first and she actually sticks her fingers inside of the patient’s body to rip it from the skin!

“How does this even happen? .. WOW😢😢😢😢😢” one person said after seeing it. “Does it smell bad?” is a good question. We are guessing, YES!

So, is a lipoma a ball of fatty tissue? If it is. I have one in my belly lol, someone joked.

Look at the size of the monstrous cyst that comes flopping out of this guy’s back!! It is nuts!

“Delicious chicken,” one popaholic joked. Adding, “Always reminds me of chicken fat. Love it!” We knew a few might bring up a few food references…so here we go! “Anyone having a sweet potato for dinner tonight?” Nice!

“OMG THATS HUGE,” is all one person could get out!

Here’s a good question, Could this was a lipoma and not ‘ back fat’ which would have melted away with diet and exercise?? See for yourself!!