See This MASSIVE One-Pound Cyst Get Ripped Out!! It’s Amazing!

Massive pimple popper

Dr. Pimple Popper is about to embark on the craziest journey in the history of pimple popping, just take a look at the size and shape of this cyst growing in on a patient’s neck. It literally takes your breath away!

To start, Dr. Sandra Lee just comes out and tells us…this monster “weighed 12.2 ounces! 👀” That is almost a POUND!

“Transforming before your very eyes!” she added, which you will see at the end of the video when it is all over!

This is the craziest thing you will ever see!

In the clip, Dr. Lee has to cut the entire front of this huge cyst open to get at the insides. It is SO big she actually gets both hands inside of his skin.

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You have to see her work this thing out of the body…it is incredible.

“My god why would he never get this checked it Looks like an extra brain or giving birth 😳” one person said while watching it. We agree it is shocking something could grow to this size!

The video is so insane, it almost looks like he is giving birth out of his neck Take a Look!

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