Watch The BIGGEST Blackhead You’ve Ever Seen Get Squeezed!

Dr. Pimple Popper is a pro at taking on blackheads, but this is not your normal every day one — just take a look at the size of this monster! And, trust us, you want to see what actually comes out of this thing too!!

“Need a little MONDAY MOTIVATION⁉️” Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the new video.

She is right, watching this video will get your reflexes moving after watching her squeeze this bad boy! It is insane!

Of course, the real question is how does it get that big!

Check it out!

Dr. Lee starts the process with her standard move, and slices into the top of this huge blackhead. It was WAY too big to just start squeezing!

Almost immediately, you can see the black mass just start oozing out of the patient’s face…

“Don’t ask me why but my mouth always waters when I watch these 💀” one fan wrote watching it begin. Ya, us too!

“How is this So nasty and so good at the same time? 😩” another fan added. ‘I will never eat raisins the same again.”

Have you ever seen anything like that?!

“Holy moly .. that’s a monster,” a popaholic posted. Yes. It. Is.

“God I need a smoke after that! So satisfying 💯💯” another fan wrote. — “I don’t know how people don’t notice this when it gets hard and this size!”