Nasty Pimples Gone Wild

Nasty Pimples

The pimple popping video is one of the most popular variants of this phenomenon, perhaps because it centers on an act so many of us are familiar with, from adolescence through adulthood. But the most popular pimple popping videos

They vary widely in visual quality, from low-fidelity phone footage of amateur dermatologists putting their unfortunate family members’ zits on display to well-lit recordings of professional medical procedures.

They’re filmed everywhere, from suburban kitchens in America to day spas in Vietnam, and probably viewed in as many places as well. Some of them feature cystic acne, which needs to be slit open before pressure is applied, while others showcase minefields of blackheads and “soft pops.” Sometimes the pus comes out smooth, like icing from a pastry bag, while other times it doesn’t want to give. If you’re really lucky, a projectile might fly out and hit the camera, an organic reminder of the layers of glass and electronics between our eyes and what we see.

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