Watch Dr. Pimple Popper squeeze out a 50-year-old cyst that looks like it’s full of cement

YouTube-famous dermatologist Dr. Pimple Popper —  known in real life as Dr. Sandra Lee — has a new video that is definitely not for the squeamish.

In it, Lee treats a patient who comes into the office with a lump he’s been harboring for about 50 years. Lee thinks that it’s a lipoma — a harmless fat growth right beneath the skin.

But as soon as she makes an incision on the lump, a stream of thick gray goo — almost like liquid cement — streams forth. What Lee thought was a lipoma was actually a benign growth called an epidermoid cyst.

“You have a little cyst here!” she tells the patient in a chipper voice, mopping up the contents of what is obviously not a “little” anything.

The gray liquid continues to flow for the first four-ish minutes of the video. Lee spends the rest of the procedure extracting parts of the cyst that had actually hardened over time. Moral of the story: Don’t wait five decades before getting your cysts removed. Otherwise they might end up as a short horror film on the Internet.