The Grossest BotFly Removal From This Boy’s Face Is Tough To Watch [VIDEO]

Botfly Removal video

Today, this is the biggest botfly we’ve ever seen on in a head.What is a botfly you ask? The botfly is a larvae that grows in human flesh and is similar to a maggot, hence the ‘bot’. Though, the boyfly will look more like a meal worm when you remove it from the scalp. Now, this young guy got it while on vacation and he learned a valuable lesson this day: don’t wait to get something unknown on your face checked out.
The Instagram page BigPimple  just post this video two days ago and its going Viral , and I guess you dont want to miss it too.

We also are not sure if it is for sure botfly or some kind of medication , but on end of the day we are not here to find what it is , we are here to enjoy this video.#drpimplepopper #bigpimple

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