Pulling out blackheads.

This probably comes as no surprise, but your skin is your largest human organ. You probably also take good care of the rest of your body to stay healthy, so why not take good care of your skin? Skincare is important for both your face and the rest of the body.

Your skin contains sebaceous glands and if an inflammation develops around these glands, then it is acne. Especially during puberty we suffer from acne in the form of pimples, red bumps and blackheads. But as mentioned, adults can also suffer from acne. To what extent you are prone to getting acne is partly determined by genes and hormones, there is little you can do about this. However, a good beauty routine works wonders. Keep your skin clean with the right products and the chance of blemishes and other impurities is considerably less.

Good facial care is essential. Both for the disappearance of acne and for the prevention of acne. Clean the skin every morning and evening with a mild cleanser.