Dr Pimple popper

Dr Pimple Popper – Relax With These Disgusting Videos

Lee has put a bunch of videos on her Instagram of cysts rupturing and pimples popping, and she’s adding little notes like “midday pop relief for lunch,” and “squeezes from Momma Squishy!”

“A pop you can just chill to,” she captioned under another video of a blackhead getting squashed. Lee adds some relaxing music to help set the mood, as pus gets pushed out of the pimple. Delicious.

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There’s no doubt Lee’s show is hugely popular with some and repulsive to others — it’s unclear why it’s such a polarizing subject, but you either love it or you hate it.

@BLashay95 tweeted: “Hi I’m back from an hour-long Dr. Pimple Popper deep dive, and @Aftyn10 wrote: “Gonna get lost in some dr pimple popper videos tonight.” But @snowballthecato had the opposite reaction: “My mums watching dr pimple popper and I feel physically sick.”


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Wechsler adds that “There’s a good number of people who think that is the coolest thing ever… and they’re excited by things that are a little bit gross. Those might be the same people who like horror movies.”

Perhaps the presidential election — a tight race between incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden — is symbolic of the nation’s need to offload years of stress.

Before the polls closed on Tuesday, Lee sent out a reminder: “Just POPPING in to remind you to #VOTE if you haven’t already!”

“Who loves a good post-pop?” she asked.