Graphic Video Shows Man’s 10 Year Cyst Explode As Doctor Records Surgical Procedure

An American man nicknamed ‘Raymond’ has been living with a cyst on his neck for ten years.

When he finally made the decision to have it removed, his surgeon recorded every moment.

Gruesome footage shows the moment that the decade old ailment is drained, as yellow puss explodes from the wound.

The pus can be seen evacuating the spot

The procedure was undertaken by Dr John Gilmore, a specialist in removing disgusting cysts.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, he provides all of his patients with anonymity and claims he films the events for educational purposes.

During the six-minute long video, Gilmore can be seen cutting into the man’s neck after numbing it with anaesthetic.

As he begins to squeeze the skin, a yellow pus oozes out, but he is able to clean it up with a tissue.

However, as the procedure continues more of the liquid gushes out, prompting a reaction from the doctor himself.

Gilmore exclaimed: “We’ve got pus everywhere over here. Good grief that is awful.”