Huge ear blackhead removal! (VIDEO)

Pimples. Almost everyone has it at one time or another during their lifetime. One squeezes them, while the other fights them with all kinds of creams. But what exactly are pimples, what causes them and – above all – what can you do to get rid of them?

A pimple is a blister, bump or pimple on the skin. Which is often red in color, but sometimes has a white tip because it contains pus. Pimples can be located both under the skin and above the skin. Pustules are caused by overactivity of the sebaceous glands. Overproduction of these glands causes your sebaceous glands to become blocked and inflamed.

Pimples mainly occur on your face, on your chest, back and shoulders. This is because these places on the body are the most vulnerable. About three in four teens have pimples during their teens. Pimple formation reaches its peak between the ages of 16 and 18.