Dr Pimple Popper removes ‘biggest pilar cyst’ she’s ever seen

AS a world-renowned dermatologist, Dr Pimple Popper has certainly seen her fair share of gross lumps and bumps.

But when 67-year-old Dennis walked into her clinic to have a giant cyst on the back of his head removed, even she was shocked.

Checking him over in the latest episode of her TLC show, the medic – whose real name is Dr Sandra Lee – says: “If this is a pilar cyst, it’s the most giant pilar cyst I have ever seen.”

Dennis, from Wyandotte, Michigan, has been putting up with the growths all over his head for two decades.

But the one right at the back of his head has grown so large it has meant he has had to put his love of motorcycling on hold – because he can’t get his helmet on.

Even lying down to sleep is painful – but Dennis’ fear of doctors has stopped him from going to see one regularly.

It has left his wife Donna scared she might lose him if he doesn’t do something about the cysts.

Through tears, she told him: “We’ve been together 32 year. I couldn’t imagine life without you. He’s been with me over half my life, he is my life.”