The Contents Of This Huge Bump Surprises Dr Pimple Popper

What is a pilar cyst?

Pilar cysts are flesh-colored bumps that can develop on the surface of the skin.

They’re sometimes called trichilemmal cysts or wens and are benign cysts, meaning they typically aren’t cancerous.

Although 90 percent of pilar cysts occur on the scalp in the lining of hair follicles, they can develop anywhere on the body.

These types of cysts can range in size – some can be the size of a

quarter, and others can grow to the size of a small ball.

They’re also round in shape, sometimes creating a dome-like bump on the surface of your skin.

Pilar cysts may be hereditary – they’re also more common in middle-aged women.

The cysts are usually harmless, but some people consider surgical removal for cosmetic reasons.