Dr. Pimple Popper — See The HUGE ‘Raw Chicken’ Cyst Get Squeezed!!

Dr. Pimple Popper is used to seeing some disgusting stuff come flying out of the human body — but, she is probably getting sick of raw chicken!

The TLC star just shared another amazing video on Instagram, where she showed a blow-by-blow of a giant lipoma being sliced out of the body, all while having a great conversation with her patient.

“Do you have a “She Shed?” My patient does and now I think I need one!” she captioned the insane video. Trust us, you just have to see it!

Take A Look!
“She sheds skin cells by the she shed,” a fan joke after seeing it start to explode!

In the stunning clip, Dr. PP gives it the old slice and dice method to get at the monster growth below…and as so as she opens it up, it comes flying to the surface.

“When I watch you do lipomas, it reminds me of cutting raw chicken…I bet you carve a mean turkey! 🦃,” another fan wrote.

Why raw chicken? You ask…Well, just wait until you see the inside!
“Mmmm Chicharrones,” one reality show fan joked.

As you know, many of the popaholics go straight to the food references as soon as they see the cysts get exposed. The good news, this lipoma stayed completely intact, and Dr. PP was able to extract it as one big lump! Scroll to see the awesome video!

The is one of those ones that end up on the table next to the doctor’s tools! “Do they always bump out, what about these that grow in?” Good question, but we like when they pop OUT!

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