Hard To Pop Huge Cyst On The Butt

Does your skin feel more scaly and sensitive lately? Has your natural glow disappeared from your complexion? If this sounds like the state of your skin, it may be dehydrated. No one wants flaky and parched skin as having dehydrated skin not only feels rough, but is prone to develop superficial lines and other signs of premature aging. Apart from lifestyle changes such as drinking water, you can also help the process along by incorporating a hydrating serum into your skincare routine. Now, the water-based ingredients in a hydrating serum fall under two main types: Innate-type hydrating ingredient and Intensified-type hydrating ingredient.

Skin Care Routine Support System is a system to help people how to take care their facial skin. There are differences routine that needs to use based on different skin types. In order to determine the skin type, the people need to have knowledge about the combination of skin condition. This can cause difficulty for the people to analyse their skin type if they cannot able to determine their combination skin condition and do not have deep knowledge about skin symptom. As for a solution, we have proposed a skin care routine decision support system using the knowledge-base. The system able to predict the user skin type based on environment, age, gender, sleeping hour and skin conditions that will be input by the user. The user input then will be processed by using a set of score rules to determine the type of skin based on maximum rate. The rules are developed based on general observation from the web, journal paper, and books.

After the skin type determination process finished, the system provides tips and knowledge of common chemical ingredient that needs to be avoided by the user. The testing process will be conducted for two types of correspondence which are public user and expert. The system functionality and system knowledge testing will be got from the public user, while the content, rules, and output will be got from the expert. Expected results for the feedback are the system able to support the user to determine their skin type and give knowledge to the user in order to select correct routine and suitable product.Although natural skincare regimens are relatively inexpensive, they save you from high treatment costs when the skin is damaged. Sometimes, the damage cannot be treated; an example is skin cancer. Employing the less life-threatening and cheaper prevention of a daily natural skincare routine is more advisable than allowing your skin health to deteriorate.