Flip It And Reverse It Dilated Pore of Summer.

Do you know what is embarrassing than acne over your right cheek? It is the back acne!


They can be really painful and embarrassing all the time too. Just because of the wrong position, where I mean due to their occurrence on our back, we tend to seem more tolerant as well as helpless. Generally, when the body produces too much oil through the glands, oil gets released through the skin which clogs the pores which result in the breeding of bacteria. Due to bacteria and other toxins, it results in back acne.

It’s a real struggle to get rid of those unwanted pimples on your face. But is this acne limited to your face?
No, acne may happen anywhere in the body where there are oil-secretory glands and hair follicles. The most common affected areas are the face, chest, shoulders & back. If this acne is left untreated, dark spots & permanent scars are left on the body..according to Doctors, ìBack acne can be really difficult to treat because itís harder to see. And, it can be hard to apply treatment products directly to the affected area. Also, the skin on the back is very thick, so itís challenging to get topical treatments to absorb deeply enough. Based on the severity of bacne and other factors, including an individualís response to specific treatments, dermatologists help patients create a plan to address bacne that works for them.

cleaning skin regularly is important. While any gentle soap or body wash will work, there are products specifically geared toward fighting back and body acne breakouts.You should look for cleansers that are listed as non-comedogenic. This just means they are unlikely to clog pores. In addition to choosing products that are less likely to clog pores, you can also look for cleansers that have ingredients like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and benzoyl peroxide. Also, eating nutritious foods and staying hydrated improves overall health, which in turn improves skin health. In addition to generally improved health and wellbeing, certain foods that contain probiotics (yogurt, kefir, miso), help keep skin healthy by encouraging faster cell turnover and boosting immune response.