Squeezing Huge Sebaceous Cyst on Neck

Dear Pimple Lovers, I am sharing another great video from Dr. Pimple aka Sandra Lee in case you might have missed it. It is a must see. Enjoy it..

That thing inside of humans that gives us the urge to want to pop things should be curtailed sometimes. As tempting as it is to want to make a pimple go bye-bye, bursting one is not always the wisest course of action.

That’s because a pimple isn’t always a pimple. Sebaceous cysts are commonly mistaken for acne blemishes, but they are a different breed. Unlike a zit that sits atop your skin and clogs up pores, a sebaceous (or epidermoid) cyst lies under your skin.

They’re unattractive, painful, and like to squat for weeks or months at a time. This video from Wochit highlights a piece by Allure magazine that explains the difference between the two skin ailments. Sebaceous cysts can appear on your neck, face, ears, or back, but topical acne treatments typically won’t get rid of them.

These cysts are formed when keratin fluid gets trapped near a damaged follicle or blocked duct under the skin. For some people, no pain, no harm, and no foul will occur. For others, removing them is a matter of cosmetic or pain relief.

But to do that, regular zit-busting techniques have to be shelved. In some cases, the cysts are harmless and will go away by themselves. However, dermatologists recommend scheduling a visit for an extraction. Depending on the severity, treatment for an infection may also be necessary.