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Is donating blood good for health?

Donating blood is a great treatment for non-anemic cases of autism, CFS, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS and other conditions caused by chronic CO poisoning of tissues (those with venous COHb>arterial, which is abnormal and unhealthy except during PMS

How unhealthy is it to have no hobbies?

Instead of looking at it as being unhealthy for not having hobbies, let’s look at it as “what you’re missing out on by not having any hobbies.” Efficiency Believe it or not, being more busy actually makes

Why medical scientists can’t find any cure for cancer or HIV?

There has also been amazing work against HIV, such as the development of anti-retrovirals to dramatically reduce the number of the virus in a patient. It was a death sentence a few decades ago, now being HIV

What happens if someone gets a transfusion of the wrong blood type?

O negative is the universal donor, so obviously whatever the blood type of the recipient, there will be no reaction. Similarly, AB positive is the universal recipient, so again there will be no reaction. After this, it

How to pop ovarian cyst?

You definitely do not want to “pop” an ovarian cyst. A cyst is usually filled with fluid surrounded by a layer of cells in tissues. Popping of said cyst can actually lead to further infections in surrounding tissue which will be

Fournier’s Gangrene of the Scrotum due to Masturbation (VIDEO)

Fournier’s gangrene is a rare and often fulminant necrotizing fasciitis of the perineum and genital region frequently due to a synergistic polymicrobial infection. This truly emergent condition is typically seen in elderly, diabetic, or otherwise immune compromised

Dr. Pimple Popper Releases Zit-Themed Game, And It’s Disgustingly Satisfying

There are certain parts of life that all of us have to deal with but we very rarely ever discuss them in public. One of those factors is popping pimples and if you say that you have

Top 5 Best Men Skin Care Products

There are many men skin care products , but it depends on your skin which suits you best. However, choosing a good quality product, you have to go in detail of that product.   Here I am suggesting

Best Mens Skin Care Guide Secrets

The best way to get a mens skin care is to provide your skin with the only thing that doesn’t make it dry: oils. The oil-cleansing method really make a difference in a short amount of time. Your face

Do all men and women go bald?

Yes, eventually. Mostly men go bald because we have HIGHER TESTOSTERONE LEVELS, diet problems, stress, chemicals, hormones, and many other reasons. Eventually we all go bald but thats after death. If your a women, the process is way more